fish from academia, drowns?!

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Swimming in an ocean of papers.
This little fish totally lost,
looking for the light at the end of it.
The fish! Yes the poor fish!
entrusted with the boring task of reading it all –
scribbling where needed, crossing out some,
putting angry question marks at others,
sporadic smiley faces drawn once in a while.

To the most part the fish is drowning
in the ocean of papers.
Why is it drawing? You may ask.
Is the fish in captivity? You may wonder.

Well, it’s a free fish. I can tell.
but you see, academia is a funny thing.
Invisible bars it places all around you.
All fishes wanting to raise higher.
Out of the bars to more open waters.

Ah. Yes!
The little fish swimming in the ocean of papers –
deciding on a mark, or a grade, or comments to give
for the project paper by the poor student.

Sometimes, the fish-God above wonders:
“why is this fish so loyal?”
Reading every single boring word.

It sure is boring – for when there are too many.
So many papers in the ocean of academia.
And, so many other lovely stuff the fish craves to do.
Procrastination is the ultimate end-result.

The fish reads a couple of lines on the paper, scribbles a bit.
No sooner that is done, the fish is back to the screen.
Hours on it, and guiltily the fish is back to the papers.
Not even 10 minutes!!! The fish is drowning in the papers!!!
“Help, Help!!!” it calls, and turns to the screen.

At this rate the fish has no other fate than drown.
today on the screen, among the blogs.
tomorrow, or in a few days, there will be no escape
from marking the stuff, skipping meals and sleep.

Oh, and one more thing.
The fish sometimes dozes off, not on purpose mind you.
The words become a blur after a while, for the tired eyes,
eyes strained sometimes on the screen, then on paper.
To make things worse, the words start to dance,
going onto a comfortable drone,
leading to a hypnotic lullaby just like that.
So yes. The fish drowns. Or will it survive? …


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