Contribution to Curtin as a student

The second year of my studies should not really be called the second year. I have worked less on my thesis and done more work to earn a living and finding a stable mind. It has not been a complete waste though. At least I have something to show that I belong, I contribute, and I persevere as a student no matter what else is happening around my life.

Anyone who has been involved in the publishing process, in editorial, in getting a publication together will understand that it takes effort to get the final product out there. Being involved in this publication, I believe, kept me afloat.

Research & publication, especially in the scholarly communication process, is one area that holds my fascination. It would be awesome to see more publications coming out from Maldivian scholars. A journal article, for its posterity has some standard norms that need to be adhered to. Citations is something that drives the scholarly communication process, and the way any paper is presented need to ensure citations are facilitated. This rant is now going in a different tangent than that was intended.

The intent of this post is to share what I have been up to, during this year as a ‘student’. It’s not about scholarly communication, but more on media & light reading. I do not have anything much to show for my research journey this year, but this is a large chunk of time from my journey as an international student at Curtin University. I take pride to say that this international student magazine is being published after a hiatus of 6 years. I took it up as a challenge to myself and I am happy with what I did with the team of International Student Committee.

This effort is a completely voluntary contribution with no financial reward to compensate for the time and effort that went into this. This yet again was a learning and growth opportunity. While I take credit for the bulk of the text contributions (in the form of my own writings, prose & poetry, and also friendly coercion to get other students to write and then extensive proofreading and editing on some of the work). The bulk of design & layout was done by Curtin international students from the media discipline volunteering with us.

Here is an online readable link to the magazine

I have also added it to my ResearchGate page (tongue in cheek though, because it’s not technically research output).


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