I didn’t quite like the extreme case

I salute this blogger for her courage.

I have been watching “Dr Naazge Nazarun” series the moment it started airing. Even far from home, thanks to YouTube, I am able to keep up with the happenings.

This series is a very much needed initiative for our Maldivian community.

The first two episodes were very difficult for me to watch. The extreme case of Zuha was very harsh. I believe these programs should be watchable with an audience, with family, with others in our support group so that it can be discussed in the open. But Zuha’s case, how it was portrayed was very painful to watch — it was very graphic. Disturbingly graphic! I cringed watching it solo. And I was imagining the image anyone who watches that show will carry in their head to be told by someone about being molested. There are so many different levels of abuse that someone can be subjected to. Even the most minute indecent touch is tough for the person subjected to that. But that minute touch was dismissed by the portrayal of the extreme case.

Another thing that bothered me very much was portraying a mother as a negligent person. Maybe there are mothers like that. But not all mothers in such cases are that. Mothers themselves are trapped in a web of violence and the portrayal of Zuha’s mother would have caused many mothers heartache.

After watching the 3rd episode, I kind of did not want to watch the series. I had lots of angst. I wanted to write to Dr. Naaz about the choice of the extreme. I had so much anger going through my head. I wanted to rant and rave at Naaz for her blatant portrayal of kids like Zuha and also mothers of such victims in that light.

After two weeks, I skimmed through episode 5 – somehow missed episode 4.

Today, I wanted to watch the latest episode, and saw the blurb for the 4th episode and realized I haven’t watched it. I am glad I did watch it just now. How Zuha’s case progressed and how she found strength and light at the middle of the tunnel is a hopeful sign for many others who I believe have been exposed to similar situations. Beautiful episode.

After watching this 4th episode, and specially after seeing a fellow blogger being so bold, I just had to write this post. Bravo to you for breaking that silence.


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