delaying justice is denying justice

One of those days where I needed Bollywood melodrama. Skimmed through Netflix and found some movies that I haven’t watched. Started off with Youngistaan. The name sounded a bit fun and I went with it because it sounded somewhat like the kind of drama I needed to relieve some of the stress. It was kind of fresh. Bittersweet. Very out of the blue. It was an OK movie. But by the end of it I was neither sleepy nor satisfied. I guess I was wanting to drown my own thoughts into melodrama.

I flicked a bit more and saw this blurb. The short introduction sounded good. “An account of slain Human Rights lawyer Shahid Azmi, an ordinary citizen with an extraordinary commitment to justice.”


A human rights movie!

I have spent about 4 hours lying on the comfy beanbag, doing nothing else other than being fixated to the TV screen. Four hours that I could have used for something productive, spent just watching two movies. Who am I kidding though? If not watching movies, I would have simply sat at my desk like a zombie, browsed through my computer and also the internet, nitpicking on this and that, and cursing myself for not concentrating, finally giving up into overbearing sleep.

So, I am not feeling too bad about the ‘wasted’ time. In fact, I am happy with this last one. It’s not the typical melodramatic Indian movie. It’s very realistic. The way they dress, their poor homes, the way they talk, the surroundings, all such realistic portrayals of the situation on the ground. How Shahid, a child from a poor family is made, how Shahid is framed, how Shahid then goes on to help others trapped in similar situations like him, the innocent relationship that blooms with Maryam, their life, the silent reactions of the mother to Maryam and also Maryam’s take on the exchange … Very sad movie in many ways, and yet a very important message, of how innocent people are framed very quickly just to take some action… How some people’s need for a scapegoat gets satisfied easily while someone else is left to suffer…


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