Remains of the day

It came with recommendation.
Recommendation I trust for great taste in creativity. I watched it after a long day of work, but in a good mood. Wasn’t too tired, but it was late. The movie is centered around a historic mansion of grandiose proportion. Places like that reeks of money and I would rather not get too up close. Of course, from afar it’s nice to look at it, to marvel at the minds of people who want to live in that much pomp.

Let that be 🙂
But yes, I enjoyed watching how things were done in the affluent part of the world in the 1930s or thereabouts. I enjoyed the history that was happening in the background of the story, Darling Hall! I enjoyed the pomp of the elite and their conference and diplomacy.

The movie was centered around human emotions — suppressed human emotions. It was about loyalty — loyalty to the master. I would like to call it misguided loyalty I should say. It’s about self-sacrifice in the name of service. Stevens, a butler and also a son of a very proud butler, plays the role of the butler very well. And my God, that man can act. The portrayal of Stevens by Anthony Hopkins was superb.

The quality of the DVD I got my hands on wasn’t too great. And it’s not a recent movie, dating back to 1993. I borrowed it from the public library and I’m sure many other souls had watched the movie from this same DVD. Alas! The movie came to an abrupt stop towards the end. I know it was not the very end because… well, I just know…

Towards the middle of the movie I almost dozed off. It was getting a bit dull perhaps. But maybe it was just me. I don’t blame the movie. Blame it on my lethargy I suppose. And I was mindful I needed to get up early the next morning too, and hence was watching the time. The movie appeared to be never-ending at one stage. By the time I hit the sack it was almost past 1 in the morning.

I did enjoy the emotions of the movie though. The last half was very engaging. The drama, the detail in the film was great. It was sad too. Sad that Stevens never did manage to express himself. And then Miss Kenton was not any better off. Nonetheless, she at least tried. She gave every opportunity possible for Stevens to say something, to indicate something. But what’s there to do when the feelings and gestures are not reciprocated? But that portrayal was very life like. I am sure that’s the story of many people.

I was hopeful, Stevens will at least have what he deserves and miss Kenton will get what she so craved at least towards the end of their lives. But no! It was not to be. What a sad story.
The scene where Miss Kenton cried her heart out was really heart-rending. Oh, and that scene with Stevens with the book he was reading – it felt so, so real. Their expressions, posture, gestures, just epic. And the last scene two of them together too at the bus stop. So much in their eyes to say, so much on their lips to say, so much in their glances, and twitches. Such cowards we mortals are. We suffer in silence while happiness is just a centimeter away. Self doubt plaques us to our very core.

I am thinking I will enjoy the actual book better than the movie. The actors did a great job of playing their roles. Nonetheless, I believe the writer would have done better justice with the narrative.

Ehil wuhu


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