Knowledge is beautiful

These beautiful, beautiful books I have come across have given my eyes and mind something new to marvel at.

Reproducing some images of these books here for me to re-visit them and also to spread the word about these to you and others.

These books contain visual data on diverse subjects. The following are just some that caught my attention.

From the book:

Information is beautiful by David McCandless


20th Century Death


Creationism vs Evolutionism


From the book:

Knowledge is beautiful by David McCandless


Journalistic Cliches

That’s a very clever way of representing the data isn’t it? I mean which media uses what terminology and how often, is kind of interesting. Word clouds have definitely turned out to be quite a valuable tool. I can remember a decade or so ago using It was big on word clouds for tagging. It reminds me I have never used for some years now. No idea what it even does.


Good Relationships

Over the years I have developed a thing for word clouds. They simply handle content analysis so beautifully.



What makes a good visualization?

The adage that a picture says a thousand words is so true. The above visual summarizes a long essay on “what makes a good visualization”.


Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should Read

There are so many books out there that it’s difficult to determine what to read. These days, I oftentimes never read a book in full. No time to do that. Just skim through books. Enjoy the look and feel of the book and be just marveled that someone took the time to write that book. With the above visual data, I wish it could be linked to a snippet of the book with a click on the title on the graphic. Unfortunately, it’s not a live one 🙂

There is a very interesting visualization on world religions in the book “information is knowledge”. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find an image of it on the internet. The image is just too beautiful for me to ruin it by taking a snapshot of it. For now, I have reproduced above the visualization on the Islamic World.


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