Can you spare 5 minutes?

We all use social media don’t we? For some, social media is just like walking, talking, and or even breathing. It’s part of our life, something that is so difficult to separate out these days.

For others, maybe those more sensible, social media is just a tool to be used when and if required. For them, it’s not the center of the world.

I don’t know where I belong. Perhaps, I’m in the extreme end of the first group. 😀

A very dear friend needs generous support for a research she is undertaking on the use of social media. 

It will take only 5 minutes. I have taken it and it’s pretty simple. The only hiccup is that it’s very clumsy on mobile phone.

Please open the link on a LAPTOP or a PC and spend 5 minutes of your time.

Many thanks 🙂

I bestow this view, this memory, to the generous people out there. This is the best photo from a recent outing chasing peace of mind.

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