Clouds, but not clouds!

You are traveling in a car. Perhaps you are driving. Perhaps you are not. There’s a passenger. Perhaps there are more. You are looking straight ahead into the horizon, to the wide sky, feeling content. You notice the clouds are beautiful, very beautiful, voluminous, thick white, and kind of like strings. The sky is otherwise clear. Blue and beautiful. The more you look, the more fascinating the cloud pattern becomes. It’s very peculiar. You have never seen clouds like that. You are taking out your phone to snap pictures. You are also saying something to the passengers. Perhaps it’s a passenger. You are saying “look at those amazing clouds”.  She looks up and is now riveted to the sky.

^BStratocumulus clouds.^b Long streaks of strato- cumulus over distant mountains. This low altitude (500-2,400 metre height) cloud is made up of water and ice particles. It is usually arranged in circular contiguous mounds as a patchwork or in orderly groups, but here prevailing winds have produced elongated streaks of the cloud. In bad weather stratocumulus may form an almost solid deck with rolling edges. Stratocumulus is very common, generally occurring in the northern hemisphere in winter and rarely producing rain. The distant mountains are the Rincon range, photographed from Mount Lemmon, Arizona, USA.

Image source: This is the closest image I could find to meet the image in my head.

The stringy clouds are now moving rapidly and getting thicker. You are now chasing the clouds and have forgotten about your planned destination. The road you are traveling is wide. A few lanes on your right and left. Perhaps it’s a highway!

Now the clouds are noisy, a humming noise. They are now dancing perhaps. They turn and twist and curl and roll and shrink and stretch. You can now make out a shape. Like a moving dragon! Picture those dragons you see during Chinese new year celebrations. And now, imagine the drums.

It’s now pretty loud. The cloud, no! the dragon! is now moving swiftly. It’s still white. It’s still string-like. It’s still cloud-like. It’s huge, spreading the sky, and it’s swift and loud.  It’s now pouncing.

There’s now another presence. You earlier didn’t notice it perhaps. You don’t clearly see it. Perhaps it’s another cloud-like creature. What you know is that it’s sinister. What you see is the dragon fiercely attack this other presence — loudly, fearlessly, mercilessly, with force. That other presence is chopped into pieces.

By now you are out of the car, standing perfectly still, head tilted up, riveted to the action of that unknown on another unknown. There are lots of other cars on the road, bodies standing outside their cars looking up, just like you. There’s no sound from the road, not a cry, not a sigh, not even a draw of breath. The sky is loud though, the road is silent.

The stringy clouds are reversing its steps. It’s quicker now, than when it formed into shape. Back to clear blue sky.

Now complete silence.

Now you are told, “the dragon cloud is you”.

You are also told “all the standing bodies on the road are you too”.

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