Therapeutic Gnome

Walk in, I try a smile, my story in no words, I share –
drifting through station after station.
I tap dance my toes, sitting still in my chair –
the chair closest to the entrance.
Should I ever need to run in despair?
No! Nada! A ludicrous notation!
The chair to hold me like a cuddly bear,
less space, less emptiness, less consternation.
More left-right, left-right, walking on air.
Back to the basics of inhalation and exhalation –
thoughts and emotions, glare & flare.
The devotion, the sensation, feeling of abdication,
the mist rolling down, cleansing like a prayer.
The unnamed memories, cause of aggravation
flashing through the brain like a gala affair.
Orchestrated, symphonic – cause for celebration?
Drained of energy, drifting, evaporating into thin air,
hold onto Cat, the over-sized fluffiness, generous companion.
Sit still, intoxicated in the mountain air –
the peaceful place, birds chirping of liberation.
Come back, completely back to the peachy chair,
the tiny armed sofa across the longer version.
The charming gnome, celebrating the space there.
An hour of appreciation, a mindful salvation.