Street Library

A little free library on Kent Street, East Vic Park

My eyes caught this beautiful sight the other day while driving son to school (someone was actually browsing through the books at that moment). I just had to stop and admire it. My brain started to turn nonstop from that moment forward. I wanted to do the same. I want to have a street library sitting right outside my home.

It also occurred to me that this will be something very cool to do in the Maldives, that is unless someone has already initiated it. I was thinking of my Hulhumale’ apartment and starting a community thingy there.

I mean, there is always spare books with almost everyone isn’t it? Books we have read and have really run out of space in our tiny living spaces. We are quite often forced to donate or discard books because of space limitations. Also, given the scarcity of public library services we are forced to continuously buy books too. If we want to have a healthy reading habit, we just have to buy.

Starting a community library like this will be beneficial to quite a lot of people. Book exchange is basically what will happen. If done properly, it can become something very hip and cool and therefore encouraging a healthier reading culture in our people.

I am so excited about this. Can’t wait to go back 🙂

After seeing that library on the street here, I did a bit of a Googling to find out if I can actually buy a weatherproof bookshelf. To my surprise, “little free library”, “mini library”, “neighbourhood book exchange”, and “street library” are something that has been happening on a large scale for a few years now. Gasp! I had no idea 🙂

I’m thinking ours could be “magumathee kuthubukhaanaa” or “foiy badhalu” or “kiyamaa kiyamaa” (maybe not the last one).



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