why so much jargon?

a number of parallel sessions going at the same time
everyone specialising in their little notch of research
using all sorts of jargon only people from the same background can understand.

this one was multidisciplinary in the broad area of humanities.
people like me did not have the option
but to sit on papers that were slightly outside the comfort zone.
yet, was fascinating to realize
everyone had a story to tell about us & everyone else.
something to be discovered and fantasized about.
the most notable of all was the multitude of words and phrases
greeting me for the first time
or those that revealed its full meaning once and for all.

this journey of discovery took me and others, like me indeed,
to burgers (not the type we eat) and eurasian societies,
to the love cake and suji cake,
to their authenticity and secret recipes;
it took us to spaces with multiple temporalities, intermittent intimacies,
and visceral belongings on the cyberspace;
it traversed on media hegemony and curriculum pedagogy;
we cruised on the australian nunga land
witnessingthe indigenous experience,
them being nurtures for their land
and cautiously touching the very emotional stolen generation.
we took a ride on the ghost ships and dismantled ourselves on foreign land
at the foot of india, bangladesh, pakistan and more.
we time travelled to china and back
to witness broken china pieces in someone’s treasures.
celibacy was wide open,
diaspora was scattered all over;
semiotic, centripetal, and ontological cement was flowing thick;

these are only a few from the fifteen papers personally listened to.
one can only imagine how many more unknown spaces
were to be discovered with the remaining fifty two papers
cascading in parallel sessions.
conferencing indeed is a window to a vast knowledge base.
a glimpse on human intellect
a snapshot of the society & human race.


a scribble from years and years ago at the first ever conference


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I write as I think. I think as I write.

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