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This is just my wandering mind trying to make sense of what I am doing, not doing, and failing to do, during my journey through the PhD process. My topic, when I started was:

The “I can Google it” phenomenon:
assumptions and realities and how it translates to policy making
in the provision of library access
especially to economically disadvantaged parts of the world.

That was the topic (along with the written out proposal, of course) that got me the scholarship to come and study at Curtin University. I was ‘lucky’ enough to be awarded the Curtin International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CIPRS in short). I said lucky in quotes because that’s something I have mixed feelings about and I intend to write on that in a bit more detail at a later date. For now let’s park that, and continue with what I am supposed to be doing.

Back to my topic. At the second month of my work my topic is slightly different and here it is:

The impact of “I can Google it” information seeking behavior on
academic library services.

I suppose by the time I submit my candidacy (deadline of 5th of August 2014), the wordings of the topic would have changed somewhat. But the essence of it is the same.

How is Googling impacting upon our daily lives, specifically as a search tool and very specifically how it impacts library services provision and its sustainability — bordering on librarianship as a profession, the role of libraries in society, the sociology of reading and a lot more.

Googling is a phenomenon isn’t it?

If you have any thoughts, ideas, contributions on this topic please do not hesitate to send me a line or two. While I say this, based on experience I can say that Maldivians hardly give feedback. I have blogged for quite many years and have had quite an abundance of healthy discussions with other bloggers from other parts of the world – hardly any Maldivians though. Maldivians do read blogs, at least the stats show they visit, but they leave silently. Perhaps I should word vomit on this topic in more detail later. Parking it for now. Back to what I was saying. Yes please do feel free to leave a comment or send an email. It will be very much appreciated and it will also help me feel a little less isolated on this journey.

Yes! Research is a lonely journey, a daunting process, an isolating beast — but when it’s over, when the damn thesis is written and bound it’s like having a baby. The only difference is the length of labor is too long and just too tedious [1]. But still worth it I should keep reminding myself — I know because to a large extent I’ve done it, I’ve been there with an MPhil.

Nonetheless, the knowing is not of much help. I still search for my topic. I believe one’s chosen area of research will follow one’s life. If it works it will be wonderful, if it doesn’t work it could be the demise of one’s academia. I have a few ideas that intrigues me, that beckons me to look deeper. To the most part I find myself attracted to the burgeoning notion of Googling being the center of existence for the human kind, especially the academic mind.

[1] at this point I can say that there are at least two decades of ups and downs with a baby – but with a thesis it is done and over with, for the most part 🙂


The world makes sense to me when I write. I make sense when I write.


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